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    Jan 2018
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    So we turn to the next question
    He is not the main character but play an important role letting our couple know each other. His wife is like a queen, intelligent and so beautiful, but she cannot bring happiness to him so that he find a lover although he love his wife very much. His lover fall in love with his wife and try to reach her, so that at the end, he should get divorce.
    hint: his name is Cold
    Hương Mơ Tài sản

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    Jul 2016
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    You were talking about Hàn Sĩ Bân, right?

    Next one:
    She was the oldest daughter of a famous family, the heir of a large company. Because of the responsibility she couldn't live her way or love freely.
    She sacrificed her needs for her little sister's freedom. She chose to break up with her lover, and she suffered alone to protect the love of her life.
    Fortunately, her lover always treasured and devoted to her.
    After 10 years full of misunderstandings and separation, they were finally stronger enough to defend their undying love. Happilly ending was inevitable.
    One could describe this cold beauty's personality by some words like prideful, stubborn, reticent, introverted, siscon,...
    Also, she was a scerectly tsundere. Her lover often piqued her "you're such a dull and boring woman."
    Her name means "scenery" and "posture"(or "appearance").
    Sửa lần cuối bởi Aeon; 03-10-18 lúc 03:55 PM.
    Thật buồn khi nhận ra số ngày bạn thở nhiều hơn số ngày bạn sống
    Aeon Tài sản

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    Jan 2017
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    I can't recall anyone else but Cảnh Tư. Am I right?

    Next one:
    Short and simple, she traveled back to time while holding her beloved X pan.
    She dressed as a man and served as a cook in military then got married with the admirable, dazzlingly beautiful female general.
    Her full name means 'hence' or 'consequently'.
    Sửa lần cuối bởi MadPuff; 04-11-18 lúc 01:14 PM.
    MadPuff Tài sản

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    Jan 2018
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    I think you talk about Vu Thị - Khuynh Thần?
    My next question is:
    She is a little fox demon who force herself to become human just for beeing together with the girl she love. She have the surname sound like a countryside aunty.
    She has 2 more sisters and a grandma.
    Her best friend is "The lighting pretty kid"
    Who is she?
    Hương Mơ Tài sản

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    Mar 2018
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    Trích dẫn Gửi bởi Hương Mơ Xem bài viết
    The rule of this game is so simple:
    1. You choose the name of main character of Chinese Yuri novel
    2. You translate it into English and let everyone here guess who they are
    3. Because there are too many novel released everyday, you should give a clue, by precising the name of this novel in English or something else...
    All members of this forum can vote for the English version name that they like the best, by giving thanks and comment ) , and they can join to play, too.
    p/s: Try to make your translation meaningful

    Let me begin first:
    Clue: novel "Lost"
    a. Take an exam on the Cloud Shape
    b. Promise to Welcome Little brother
    I guess b is Hứa Chiêu Đệ, right?
    jjun Tài sản

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