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    Jan 2018
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    Lightbulb (GAME) Translate Character's name

    The rule of this game is so simple:
    1. You choose the name of main character of Chinese Yuri novel
    2. You translate it into English and let everyone here guess who they are
    3. Because there are too many novel released everyday, you should give a clue, by precising the name of this novel in English or something else...
    All members of this forum can vote for the English version name that they like the best, by giving thanks and comment ) , and they can join to play, too.
    p/s: Try to make your translation meaningful

    Let me begin first:
    Clue: novel "Lost"
    a. Take an exam on the Cloud Shape
    b. Promise to Welcome Little brother
    Hương Mơ Tài sản

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    Nov 2014
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    Answer: Thi Vân Dạng

    That's interesting. So I'll begin with my part:

    Six Remain Happy. This is the main character of the story where a poor girl who is forced to get married with a disabled man but his family treated her so badly.

    Người trong hồi ức

    Vũ Tài sản

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    Jun 2017
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    Lục Nguyên Sướng is the best answer, so I will continue.

    Some details:

    - A woman who brought her lover to her son's bed, and she was also a queen of another country.
    - Her name means: The chaste stream protection.

    Liên Hệ Với Viễn
    Viễn Phương Tài sản

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    May 2015
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    Do you mean Vệ Minh Khê?
    My turn:
    she is the real princess but she gave her wife this position
    She is a medicine student before marriage
    Her wife love her as much as being crazy.
    Her name is: Castle is Weaker than the Clown
    Dạ Lãm Tài sản

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    Apr 2015
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    My answer is Thành Nhược Hề.

    Next one: She has an arranged marriage but it is her husband's little sister that she got married to. Hint: Sun Simple Stream
    last_farewell Tài sản

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