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  1. I'm sorry. I should not text you just because I'm drunk and missed you that bad.
    Have a goodnight please. Ma'am.
  2. I think about thou a lots these day.
    It's ridiculous right? Maybe because of the meeting we had made this new year. Or just because of thing thou gave me.
    Yes I'm the one who starting to sending a book as gift for thou first, "The girl in the Sun", I have to admit I'm not so sure that did thou have enough patience to read until the end to see the miracle Mao gave to every reader, as that thou gave me. But thou know both of us not the type only thinking like "Oh that's a great book, I should send to her". So what are thou trying to say?
    Who am I in that book? And who are you? The teacher? The boy? Or exactly the girl? Thou know why I so confused of this. We always treat each other in the different way we should be. Like that boy with that girl, more than with his teacher.
    Don't make me overthinking of anything. I don't want to, specially in the situation that we can not be anything of each other but the fragile old-teacher - old-student relationship.
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'Sinh như hạ hoa chi xán lạn
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'Nhân sinh như kỳ,
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